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<i>Yr American,</i> by the Reverend B W ChidlawYr American, by the Reverend B W Chidlaw
A handbook for Welsh settlers in Ohio published in 1839
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NLW 14111D: Peat Family LettersNLW 14111D: Peat Family Letters
Letters containing a wealth of information on the Welsh way of life in Gomer, in North West Ohio 1868-1883)
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NLW 2600E: Humphrey and Sarah Roberts lettersNLW 2600E: Humphrey and Sarah Roberts letters
Letters containing descriptions of life in Jackson County and many references to the Civil War. Translated in full from Welsh to English (1856-1864)
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Register and Minute Book of Welsh Pioneers of the Mahoning Valley:Register and Minute Book of Welsh Pioneers of the Mahoning Valley:
Compiled at the Welsh Pioneers Society annual reunion (1898-1922)
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NLW 9521A: NotebookNLW 9521A: Notebook
Notes on the Welsh communities of Ohio (1851-1852), by R. D. Thomas
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Acrefair Papers:Acrefair Papers:
Letters recounting the tragic death of William and Hannah Morgan and the story of their orphaned children (1858)
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NLW 20995: Jack Edwards LettersNLW 20995: Jack Edwards Letters
136 letters sent home by Jack Edwards, from Aberystwyth, describing life in Cincinnati (1880-1887)
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