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This section contains digital stories and interactive exercises on 5 themes. If you can not view the stories, please download the latest version of Flash Player. You can toggle the captions on and off by clicking the caption icon on the player.

Life in Wales

Cottage in Wales
What kind of a place was Wales?
Social conditions in Wales - information on Wales and its inhabitants and how the country changed during the 19th century
Who emigrated from Wales?
Areas of emigration - learn more about how and why many people emigrated from certain localities
Why emigrate?
Uprooting - The Welsh must have had good reasons for emigrating to America; this story explains some of those reasons


Ship on stormy seas
Leaving Wales
Preparation - learn how the emigrants prepared for the long and difficult journey from Wales to America
The voyage
At sea - a chance to learn about the experience of crossing the Atlantic and what conditions were like aboard a ship
The new world
Traveling further - study the history of pioneers who traveled in wagons and steered flatboats down the Ohio River

Settling down

Edward & Margaret Bebb's cabin
The pioneers
On new lands - find out how the Welsh settlers established new communities in the state
Buying land
Life in Ohio - a chance to find out how the Welsh bought their own land and began farming
Big business - study the history of the Welsh who ventured into the business world in southeast Ohio

Religion and culture

Horeb, Jackson Co

Establishing churches - churches were at the centre of all Welsh communities; here's a chance to learn about the religious traits of the Welsh

The Gymanfa Ganu and the Eisteddfod
The gymanfa and eisteddfod - find out how the settlers tried to preserve and promote Welsh culture in Ohio

The Welsh in Ohio

Gomer Community Museum

The Welsh in Ohio
Twenty-first century traditions - learn how Welsh culture is still promoted in Ohio today

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