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This section lists all the materials which have been digitized as part of the Wales-Ohio Project. A selection of audio and video clips is also available. Audio and video >>

The Digital Library currently contains 11517 images from 210 items.
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1846-1887Horeb Sunday School book, 1846-1887
(WOP00043) Horeb Sunday School book contains a list of invigilators and secretaries of the school and the names of teachers together with attendance statistics for Horeb school and her other branches. There are also minutes of the teachers meetings with notes on the syllabus.
Collection: Ohio/ Private: Evan E. and Elizabeth F. Davis, Oak Hill;   Language: Welsh; (84 images)
1849-1911Mrs D. Davies Aberystwyth Coll.
(MDD00001) Miscellaneous letters sent from Ohio to Wales between 1849 and 1911.
Collection: NLW ;   Language: English+Welsh; (37 images)
1918Certificate of Naturalization of Rowland Lewis of Columbia, State of South Carolina (1918)
(WOP00068) Photocopy of a Certificate of Naturalization of Rowland Lewis of Columbia in the State of South Carolina, dated November 9, 1918. His wife was Lizzie Lewis (née Jones) of Gomer, Allen County, Ohio.
Collection: Ohio/ Private: Carla Lewis Olds;   Language: English; (2 images)
1950Dan T. Davis (compiled and ed.), 'Us' Davises [1950]
(WOP00052) Booklet compiled and edited by Dan T. Davis tracing the history of his family from 1950 back to the eighteenth-century when they resided in Cardiganshire. His parents and grandparents emigrated to Ohio in 1847.
Collection: Ohio/ Private: Marilyn Davis Payne;   Language: English; (39 images)
2003The history of the Congregational Church, Shandon, Ohio (Shandon, Ohio, 2003)
(TYM00007) The history of the first two hundred years of ministry at Shandon Congregational Church, 1803-2003, with a list of pastors of the church. The church, now known as The United Church of Christ, Shandon, Ohio held several bicentennial events in celebration, which are listed in the booklet.
Collection: NLW ;   Language: English; (28 images)
n.d.Blotting-paper of The Cambria Clay Products Co., Blackfork, Ohio
(WOP00040) Blotting-paper of The Cambria Clay Products Co., Blackfork, Jackson County, Ohio advertising Silica Brick “Sharon” Brand.
Collection: Ohio/ Private: Evan E. and Elizabeth F. Davis, Oak Hill;   Language: English; (2 images)

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